Julie Green wanted to be a stewardess until age four, then wanted to be an artist. The new series titled “Flesh Tint” aims to point to racial biases in the art and photography industry. A word in the Japanese language, kehai, describes the feeling that something has just happened or is about to: a footstep, a whiff, a stirring. Julie Green attempts to make a lasting image out of kehai — the fleeting moment.

Growing up, there was no distinction between the family quilts and u-kiyo-e prints on the walls. An Iowa neighbor’s front yard showcased larger-than-life famous figures and a 20’ American flag, all made out of ears of colored corn. It wasn’t until college that phrases like high art and low art were tossed around, but for Green, art-making is wide open.

Julie Green 2016
Inquires: Upfor Gallery