Julie Green

Burger Downtown for Mark Clements

Release was eighteen years ago; food story simply said hamburger downtown with mother, daughter and attorney. Glow in the dark paint of the Chicago skyline as well as glow text about Jon Burge. (Former Police commander Jon Burge later served four years in federal prison for perjury and torture). Mark Clements was convicted of arson and four counts of murder in 1982 after confessing to Chicago police. But in 2009, Clements' sentence was vacated when court documents showed that details in the confession did not match the facts of the crime. Only 16 at the time of the arrest, Mark Clements states police used torture to get a confession. These days, Clements is an activist working on prison reform.
47 x 36 in.
acrylic, found fabric, sewing, cut up state flag, and glow-in-the-dark paint on Tyvek