Julie Green

Champagne for Kristine Bunch

Kristine Bunch's first meal on the outside, after release from a wrongful conviction, consisted of seafood, fresh vegetables, and champagne. Bunch adds “It was exciting but very scary. It was just unreal, a moment snapped out of time, like a dream that I expected someone to come snatch." Green met Kristine Bunch at The Last Supper exhibition in 2015. Along with foods, to suggest the passage of time Green references a Utopic, Victorian flow blue transferware. Food stories are generously provided by exoneree and Center on Wrongful Convictions, Bluhm Legal Clinic, Northwestern University. This first meal painting of a wrongfully convicted person is a collaboration with the exoneree, the California Innocence Project, Center on Wrongful Convictions and Julie Green. Private collection.
47 x 34 in.
acrylic on Tyvek